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Obedience PuppyTraining & Conformation Classes

To make a reservation email info@theekennel.com or call 9905) 854 4148

Obedience Puppy Training 

Instructor :  Kandis Hall   -  Kandis has been working with animals for over 20 years. She started her career in boarding facilities, breeders and after continued to progress her knowledge at dog trainers and also a veterinary hospital.  She has been competing in and training dogs for the last 10 years.

Kandis’s dogs - Goldenbreez Mount Uriel Buddy titles achieved:  CD- companion dog, CDX- companion dog Excellent, UD-Utility Dog, OTCh-Obedience Trial Champion, DD-Draft Dog, CGN- Canine Good Citizen, AGIJS- Agility Jumpers Intermediate, AGNS- Agility Novice, RN-Rally Novice, RA- Rally Advanced, RX-Rally Excellent, Number 5 BMD in Canada in 2006 and 2009, Number 4 BMD in Canada in 2008.                                          - Caro titles achieved: RN-MCL- Novice, RA-MCL- Advanced, RX-MCL- Excellent, RNT- Team Novice, RAT- Team Advanced, Bronze Level, Silver Level, Gold Level, Master Champion, RV-MCL- Versatility, WCFO-canine freestyle, Bronze Bar-Heal work to music, Musical Freestyle Novice, Musical Freestyle Beginner, World Freestyle Champion 2009 in Beg A Division,  RN-MCL- Novice, RA-MCL- Advanced, RAT- Team Novice, WCFO- Freestyle, Musical Freestyle Beginner.                                                                                    - Grandgables A Caribbean Flirt (very enthusiastically beginning her competitive career) titles achieved: CD-Companion Dog (placements in all legs), RN-Rally Novice, RA- Rally Advanced, RX- Rally Excellent, CGN- Canine Good Citizen.

What will you learn in the puppy class:

 How to use a clicker to pin point behaviours you love!

 Reliable Recall

 Stay exercise

 Happy healing on a leash

 Leave it exercise

 Confidence building obstacle course for puppies

 Motivational hand targeting

 Prevention of jumping up

 Waiting at the door

 Problem solving for house training issues- including making your crate a fun place to be


Schedule for classes

 Monday 22 April 2013,  Time 7 – 8  pm for 7 weeks

 Puppies must have complete vaccinations and proof of vaccination is required. The cost is $215 + HST for a 7 week class. To make a reservation email      info@theekennel.com or call (905) 854 4148.



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